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Kunihiko  Suzuki​

owner / producer

hair designer

鈴木大和彦    代表  / プロデューサー  




Kunihiko Suzuki

After gaining long experience at a famous Tokyo salon, Suzuki worked in various fields including photo shoots and as an instructor, reaching a managerial position.
He then moved to New York for a year to participate in opening a Japanese style hair salon.
Following a preparation period, this hair salon "Vogle" was opened. Through a wide range of work experience, Suzuki's customers enjoy his abilities to execute edgy trend styles and confidence-building stylings, as well as his on-point recommendations through counseling.

His mottos are to continue growing, and always remembering to enjoy life.

Mizuho  Kobayashi

​owner / director

hair designer

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小林 瑞穂   代表 / ディレクター




She also worked as a hair and
Mizuho gained experience working at famous hair salons in Harajuku and Omotesando.
Mizuho Kobayashi
make up artist, gaining professional experience and identity at various commercial fields.
Her customers and clients love Mizuho's ability to execute everything from the basics to the newest trends, constantly incorporating her own refined sense of
style, and her attention to details
To further expand her future, Mizuho is currently putting energy into not only growing her work skills but to language studies a well.



Miyuki  Enomoto

hair designer

Working day


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​​えのもと みゆき






​ 不定期に出勤予定 (出勤が決まり次第HPにアップいたします)

She had received numerous awards,when working at famous hair salons for 22 years.

She gained experience to ,it is haircut at salon ,and celebrity makeup artist,and an instructor with.

She is a good mother with two children.

she often refreshes with yoga or go to live show,to thinking tries to promote healthy work life balance.

From various experiences, the wonderful sensitivity and humble attitude of female hairdressers attracts many people

Her next stage is not only responding to requests from clients, but also proposing more professional value. 

Her wonderful design and accurate dry cut will continue to grow.

​            VogLe hairsalon.
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